Here is a quick and easy tutorial using our donut cake kit to make a Franken-looking donut:





Grab your three packs of fondant: CHOCOLATE, TURQUOISE and YELLOW



  1. Make the GREEN for Frankenstein’s skin. Combine the turquoise and yellow.

2. Make the gray for the two ear/neck plugs. Grab a small ball of the green and chocolate brown and combine into the greenish-gray color.

3. After you have frosted your donut cake, cover with the green fondant.



4. Take the ball of greenish-gray and form two neck plugs. From the ball make a log and cut into two pieces.


5. Roll-out a large marble-size of the chocolate brown fondant into a thin sheet.


A. Cut two eyes using a #9 pastry tip

B. Cut two thin strips- Form one into a wiggly mouth (adhere to the donut with water), Use the second strip to form a scar over the right eye. Use a 1/2-inch piece to form the scar and smaller pieces to lay across to form stitches.

C. Form the “hair” by cutting a dome shape and then use a knife to make the jagged hair that will sit at the forehead.





He’s so FRANKEN cute!!!!

(Get it?)