It’s no secret that us artist types, well…sometimes we could be called, “emotional”, “over-sensitive”, even “off our rockers.” I’m just sayin’ some people may think that. It also doesn’t help that I’m a Gemini, you know a little angel and devil all rolled into one (insert cute smile here). So when I think of my husband, my better half, the first words I think of are calm, steady, grounded (he’s also very cute and funny but that’s not the point I’m making here!). He is definitely the perfect compliment to my…um…creative side. Point being: He keeps me grounded and so this cake is for him. Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream because that’s why he married me.

List of supplies:


  • Satin Ice products:
    • dark/chocolate fondant
    • white gum paste
    • red gum paste
  • Equipment:
    • small ball tool
    • scalpel #11 blade (or xacto knife)
    • small scissors
    • small paintbrush
    • gum glue
    • toothpicks
    • pastry tips: #806,#9,#2
    • bow mold
    • fur mold
    • red disco dust


  • Satin Ice products:
    • White rolled fondant
    • green gum paste
    • 4-inch blossom cutter
    • 2-inch oval cutter
    • pastry tips: #9, #1
    • triple classic swag mold
    • heart plunger cutter
    • beaded pearl mold
    • Letter cutters

* I’ve highlighted some products with affiliate links to make it easier for you and me!

step1 STEP 1. Dye the gum paste medium brown mixing brown and white. Roll a ball of the head and a cone for the body.

step2STEP 2. Pinch the top of the head to create a narrow top and a protruding snout/mouth.

step3STEP 3. Use a small ball tool to hollow out the eyes and a scalpel to form the mouth

STEP 4. Use a toothpick for the Whisker holes

step5STEP 5. Use a small, sharp scissors to form the “hedges” on the hog


Step 6. (starting at top) Make two arms, I used a scalpel to make the fingers, make two ears, one patch of hair on top and one larger patch for the chest.


STEP 7. Put it all together, attach with water or gum glue.


STEP 8. Use Red to make a heart (I free formed, no cutter), mix red and white to make pink for bow, chocolate brown for noise and irises. White for buck teeth.


STEP 9. I rolled two white balls and glued into eyes before attaching everything.


STEP 10. IF you want to add some sparkle, cover the heart with gum glue and sprinkle with some disco dust or sparkling sanding sugar. Attach to your ground hog once it makes it on the cake!



A huge thank you to Satin Ice for always supporting my work and for giving me a showcase for this tutorial.

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